Sign up below to host your own Democracy in the Home!

We'll provide the scripts and phone lists; you just need to invite your friends and bring the snacks. This weekend our calls are easier than ever; we're just calling Kerry supporters in key swing states to remind them to vote! It's simple but effective; these are the voters who will win the election on November 2nd.

To get started, just follow these simple steps:

1) Tell us by filling out the form below. If your event is in a public place like a park or restaurant, we'll list you on our web site. If it's in your home, we won't.

2) Invite your friends. How many people can you get together to make phone calls? Remember, there are no second chances after this weekend. Do you think you can get eight friends to make calls? Ten?

Once you register with us, we'll explain in detail how to print your phone scripts and lists, and we'll work out the details of the event. See you at the victory party!

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