Democracy in the Park is a growing group of neighbors and friends united by our desire to beat Bush and our willingness to spend a few hours in the park on a weekend to get it done. Making phone calls to swing states is an effective way that we residents of safely Democratic (or Republican) states can affect the outcome of the election; from the comfort of our local park, we can help register new voters, build anti-Bush operations in key states, and provide support for organizations working on the ground to win the election in the fall.

Please join us for our next event. All you need is a cell phone and a few hours you wouldn't mind spending in the park. We will provide phone numbers of swing state residents, scripts for the telephone calls, and a legion of co-callers to suffer the slings and arrows of phonebanking with you. With your help, we can put the "parc" back in "participatory democracy."

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The Villager (October 2004)

Village Voice (July 2004)

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